No vaccine for hate

I am so disappointed to read about teens in our area who are willing to perpetrate hate toward their peers. I know so many wonderful teens who participate in volunteer activities, who join educational groups, who train for athletic events, who pick up trash and shine a good light on our community. It seems tragic and disappointing to have a few highlighted for discriminating activities when the community is trying so hard to eliminate this type of thinking.

Let us take a breather on this one, knowing that these young people can change and become good citizens in the future. Kudos to the young woman who was willing to expose these bad actors. As the grandmother of Black and brown teenagers, I shudder to read of these actions knowing that it could be one of my loved ones exposed to this hatred, fearing that one of mine could be next to be pulled over for a minor driving infraction.

We have no vaccine for this plague of hatred, but it is claiming as many lives as our current pandemic.

Lou Ann McKimmy

Rapid City

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