Don't be part of the problem

Ignorance and selfishness. Welcome to America. COVID has shone a light on us. Here we are enduring another surge (this time the variant first found in the U.K.) and still people won't get a shot. About 45 percent of one particular group (who I will not name) will not take the shot. What happened to love they neighbor?

I have heard all the reasons. About 5 percent, I get. The rest range from pathetic to weak. I took my shots not because I'm a Lemming and follow blindly, but because I want to protect myself and anyone else I come in contact with. How else are we going to accomplish herd immunity?

COVID has cost jobs, strained households, crippled education — not to mention 560,000 deaths and counting. The list goes on and on. But we still complain. Incessantly. Sacrifice has been painful and we are not receptive to that. What about our health care workers we constantly put in harms way due to our ignorance? We have totally disregarded them.

America. Do the right thing. Get your shots. You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem.

Terry McGowen

Traverse City

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