People are assets

The ditty “money makes the world go round” is wrong. People make the world go round. Think of the people in your life. They are important. We are important.

If you think capital is so great and the “system” that worships it, just look at the people on the streets and those going hungry. The ones that have no access to modern medicine and the politicians that brow beat them into feeling guilty.

Go ahead, call me a socialist. If you think people aren’t assets and just burden government and those with capital, then let them have abortions.

I’m sick of politicians who serve capital not people. I like politicians who are humane. In other words human — not just cogs in a wheel that grinds people up and discards their humanity. The ones who value each vote as a cog in the wheel that makes government go round.

The effort to find a medicine that saves lives is impressive. Capital serves this effort well and gives us pause to consider its role in serving people in the future. All of us are assets, even the ones who may be carrying the virus in their minds of rabid capitalism.

Stewart A. McFerran

Lake Ann

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