Boardman River meeting

I learned a lot at the meeting Aug. 28 and am glad I attended. I wrote a question and took the microphone.

I tried to express my belief that the underlining unstated relational for the Boardman River restoration project is that the biological bounty of the upriver environment be bestowed upon the Grand Traverse Bay. It is sound ecological thinking to link the productive river habitat to the wide and deep water of the Grand Traverse Bay. It is also historical that such a link existed.

Three dams have been removed. The one that remains needs to be fixed. The renovation of the Union Street dam is not the question.

The Union Street dam would provide a barrier and keep lamprey from swimming upstream. FishPass would do something altogether different.

Is there any chance that the river habitat can be linked to the Grand Traverse Bay with the FishPass Project?

If so, I endorse FishPass. Of course there are other concerns but I feel strongly that the decision to move forward on FishPass should be based on one question: Can there once again be a productive ecological link between the River and the Bay?

Stewart A. McFerran


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