A commendable effort

With the election now over it’s time to recognize a couple of the candidates who, though not elected this time, represent the future.

Jade Prange ran in Grand Traverse County for a seat on the county commission. Though she lost this time, she received more than 2,000 votes in her district, against an opponent with greater name recognition and who had the added benefit of incumbency. Jade a 21-year-old woman has the ideas and vision to be a leader in the future. We can only hope she runs again.

In Leelanau County’s Bingham Township Allison Zimpfer ran a close race for Township trustee, coming within a dozen votes of winning a seat. Allison is also a first-time political candidate running for office, and like Jade Prange, has well thought out positions and a vision for the future.

We need strong, young women like these to continue their involvement and willingness to do the hard work of running for office. Our collective future depends on it.

Thomas Mayhew


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