Dark Age?

Scientific ignorance akin to the dark ages appears to be preventing us from taking effective action against the virus and climate change. We have the means to end the virus as well as stabilize our climate. The rise of misinformation has resulted in far too many becoming unvaccinated, resulting in extending the virus and leading to more deaths. We have the ability to stabilize our climate but lack the political will do so.

While I endorse personal liberty, my libertarian beliefs end when it harms others. Being unvaccinated and not wearing a mask not only carries risks to one self but to others, especially those under age 12 who are unable to be vaccinated and to the immunocompromised. By not taking massive action to counter our warming planet, since 2005 we have spent over $450 billion to cover the cost of severe storms. Recently folks have died in their basement apartments due to flooding and 90 percent of households in Louisiana are without power.

For everyone's sake, either get vaccinated or wear a mask around others until we have contained the virus. Demand that our government stabilizes our climate by putting a price on carbon.

Ronald Marshall


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