Medical middle ground needed

In the COVID times we live in I understand the need for caution, but when it comes to our loved ones and the hospital, I have a serious issue.

I had to take my husband to Munson Medical Center's Traverse City emergency room on a Sunday evening and had the pleasure of sitting in my car for five hours, not having a clue what was going on. I had to use the restroom and couldn't go in, so I used the construction port-a-potty down the hill from where I parked. Nothing is open late at night in Traverse City.

I was fortunate enough that my husband was released. What about elderly people who have to drive hours to bring their loved one in and are left to sit in the car, in a cold, wintery parking lot? What about the emotional well being of the patient being admitted? The emotional well being of the loved one, waiting out in a the car? The only way we are allowed in is if our loved one is dying and then it's four people.

Where is the happy medium? There has to be a compromise somewhere.

How about those in for weeks?

Stacy Marshall


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