No time to wait

We are learning that while the Republicans decried deficit spending over the last four decades, Republican presidents have run up larger deficits than Democrats. During difficult times, Republicans cling to tax cuts tilted heavily toward the affluent. Our economy grew at virtually the same rate after the 2017 Trump tax cut as before it. In contrast, Democrats have been more willing to heed economic and historical lessons about what policies actually strengthen the economy.

Democrats have relied on the ideas of famed economist John Maynard Keynes. In an economic downturn, when companies and households are caught in a vicious cycle of spending reductions, the government needs to step in.

What will the Democrats do? Their plan is to spend nearly $2 trillion to help the unemployed with direct assistance and transfer money to states so they can vaccinate their residents.

Keynesian economics has enabled Democrats to have higher rate of economic growth at 4.6 percent, compared to the Republican's 2.4 percent growth. The voters have given the Democrats the opportunity to make a difference.

Ronald Marshall


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