Absence of data causes fear

Like so many others, I am seeking facts to assess ongoing COVID-19 risk.

In Michigan COVID cases are extensively broken down by the state and our media reports it. Obviously case information should be part of a risk analysis. Yet there is virtually no factual data on who becomes seriously ill or dies from COVID, which should also be part of a risk assessment. Michiganders are forced to rely on unreliable anecdotal information combined with reams of trending “case” information. Therefore we are unable to fully assess COVID risk and take appropriate action from a truly informed position.

What might the people hospitalized or dying from COVID have in common, if anything? What are associated comorbidities, if any, and what are those percentages What is the vaccination status of these people in actual numbers? How many have had previous COVID infections? Were they vaccinated? All of this information is recorded at the hospitals. Is our media choosing not to ask these highly relevant questions? Are our hospitals refusing to share the information? Why isn’t the media curious?

This noticeable absence of data is causing fear, conflict and a dangerous spread of misinformation.

We need the Fourth Estate to do its job.

Karen Marco

Traverse City

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