Prioritize physician-led care

I’m worried about my patients. In fact, I’m worried about all Michigan’s patients.

I worry because I think it’s possible we may soon find ourselves in a situation where we’re not doing our very best to protect their safety and well-being.

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but the concern is all too real given the push to expand the scope of practice of non-physicians beyond their training and experience levels. It’s a development that’s always pushed under the guise of lowering costs and expanding access to care, but it’s nothing more than a ploy by large for-profit entities to grow their wallets at the expense of quality patient care.

Across the country, scope expansion has done nothing to increase access to care in rural communities. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that physician assistants and nurse practitioners run up costs relative to their physician counterparts by ordering more unnecessary imaging and making more needless referrals when working to diagnose and treat patients.

If that all sounds dangerous it’s because it is. A physician-led team model is time-tested and best for patients. That’s something we all need to work to protect.

Melanie Manary, M.D.


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