City gambling on appeal

I would like to see FishPass — a change of park use — on the November ballot.

I would like to see risk of flooding below the dam mitigated. The City let the Aug. 10 deadline pass without putting a proposal forward. The threat of dam failure cited by the City may well be overblown, a scare tactic. The City hasn't done anything further to prevent it.

I believe that all dangers could have been alleviated by following best practices. The City ignored an inspection for years.

To mitigate flood risk, I recommend that the City, with the DNR, lower the level of the Boardman Lake by 8-10 inches by gently releasing water through the dam. Roughly 8-9 feet are held back by the dam.

A heavy week of rain, with 4 inches within one day is likely. Our rainy season is from March to October, peaking on July 31.

Unfortunately, the City “only” wants to gamble on a receiving a favorable appeal. The Court of Appeals cases may take 18 months.

The court did not allow the City to add a recent dam inspection to the court record. The appeal must be on the existing record — not the record after the decision to appeal.

Tom Mair

Traverse City

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