Come on, congressman

On Jan. 6, 2020, Congressman Jack Bergman needs to accept the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 election. In any other year this would be a proforma vote. Every U.S. state has certified their election results with an Electoral College tally of 306 to 232. The popular vote was 81,283,485 to 74,223,744. However, Congressman Bergman joined an Amicus Brief supporting a ridiculous (and immediately dismissed) Texas lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 election.

Some Republicans have repeatedly and unsuccessfully challenged the Biden/Harris victory in Michigan’s certification process as well as the courts. President Donald Trump personally intervened with both local and state Republicans in his attempt to overturn the will of Michigan voters. Although lies about voter fraud in Detroit may play well with Trump’s base, the reality is quite different.

Detroiters gave candidate Trump 7,682 votes in 2016 but 12,889 in 2020 (5,270 or 68 percent more in 2020). In 2016 Clinton received 234,871 and in 2020 Biden received 240,936 (6,065 or 2.6 percent more). Any reasonable person looking for probable cause to investigate voter fraud would focus on that 68 percent figure. Michiganders elected many down ballot Republicans; it was Donald Trump they rejected. Come on Congressman, act like a U.S. Marine not a Trump Toady.

Brad Lyman

Traverse City

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