Fishpass is progress

This letter is to strongly encourage the City of Traverse City to move forward with the proposed and funded fish pass/dam replacement downtown. I recall first hearing about this proposal from a staff member of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians when it was just a dream and other dams had yet to be removed. He was so excited about the broad plan to restore the Boardman — the "Odawa" — to its original course, and for the science involved to improve the river, it was contagious.

Since then, every reputable organization relative to river and fish management has endorsed the plan and the funding has been approved, a giant investment with high-paying jobs amid hard economic times, and a wonderful park amenity downtown that ensures the long-term sustainability of the river.

The enhancements and related benefits are a model of institutional partnerships and one for other communities to follow. For the full facts on this project, including the extensive public input, please go to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission's website: I join with so many others to support this important project for Traverse City and for the entire watershed.

Douglas Luciani

Traverse City

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