Represent with honesty

By now, most of the world has seen the violent images showing the disgraceful, un-American desecration of our Capital building during a failed coup carried out by a rampaging mob of deluded seditionists and felons. The stain on our democracy and our national image is immense. The damage will endure for a very long time. Our allies are shocked and horrified. Our enemies are thrilled.

President Donald Trump was a primary instigator of this unprecedented attack on our institutions and the rule of law. But he was not alone in propagating the lies fueling the anger of the mob.

Congressman Jack Bergman deserves his share of the blame and the shame. He has attacked the integrity of our recent election, reinforcing false rumors of fraud that he surely knows are false. Most astonishingly, he has attempted to invalidate the presidential votes of his own constituents, despite the fact that he won reelection.

Mr. Bergman has proven himself unfit for office. Northern Michigan needs representatives with honesty, decency and the non-partisan integrity to accept the results of orderly, fair elections — like our recent one — even when the results aren’t 100 percent in their favor.

D. Scott Lowe

Traverse City

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