Too much greatness

Ah, c'mon George Will, get serious.

You argue with a straight face that Sen. Mitch McConnell deserves a place in the pantheon of great Senate leaders. This is the same McConnell who likely will be remembered for acting on his intention of making Barack Obama a one-term president, no matter what Obama proposed to do for the sake of the country, who made a mockery out of the serious business of an impeachment trial and who denied Merrick Garland an opportunity to be confirmed as justice of the Supreme Court while putting Amy Coney Barrett on the express track in the middle of an ongoing election — in which the candidate of your party lost by 5 million votes.

About the only thing we can agree on, although for different reasons, is to be thankful that McConnell's greatness did not lead him to run for president.

That would have just been too much greatness for our country to bear.

Stephen Lewis

Traverse City

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