Federal debt not a priority

Rep. Jack Bergman thinks of all the issues facing America, a "looming debt crisis" is an important one to address right now. Yet he voted for the 2017 bill that cut tax revenues and ballooned the deficit.

There is no "looming debt crisis." Federal debt is not a high priority item. It's more important to keep our economic engine going and our citizens safe and healthy so we can be productive in the future. When the Fed issues bonds to cover more debt, they aren't currently taking money or resources away from other productive use by private sector enterprise. Many private corporations are sitting on a pot of money that isn't being invested because there are limited good private investment and business expansion opportunities while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing.

Let's fund unemployment benefits; health care including COVID-19 vaccine distribution; needed infrastructure improvements that create job growth; and increased revenue sharing for the states and localities so they can continue supporting quality education, voting systems and the citizen services we expect from our government. Do this and we will have a more healthy, productive and efficient economy in the future. It will be an economy better able to repay the debt as necessary.

Jane and David Lean


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