A pandemic report card

Being a governor of any state is a tough job, especially during this past year. And decisions made will certainly generate vocal opposition. But there are a couple of “facts” that I found interesting concerning Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s performance/grade during this “pandemic” year.

Number of COVID deaths per 100,000 population. New Jersey ranks No. 1 at 234 deaths per 100,000 and Michigan ranks 18th with 161 deaths (NYT). Not too bad -- with only 17 states having a record worse than Michigan, but 32 states doing better. Grade D+

Percent of state job losses during the period December 2019 through December 2020, due in large part to the pandemic. Hawaii lost the most jobs at 13.8 percent, the highest of any state. Michigan experienced a 10.9 percent job loss giving Michigan the dubious distinction of being second in the nation in lost jobs (USDLS). Grade D-

Michigan's population has not fared much better, as Michigan was one of only 16 states that lost population in 2020. New York ranked No. 1 with a population loss of .65 percent with Illinois a close second at .63 percent. Michigan came in seventh with a population loss of .18 percent (PEW). Grade C-

Are the Damn Roads fixed yet?

Gordon La Pointe


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