Never in 80 years

I never thought in my 80 years I’d have to go to a local government meeting to protect the health and lives of my family, friends and neighbors.

A flawed argument about preserving individual freedom and liberty doesn’t cut it when the common good is at stake. For example, are you going to protect constituent’s individual freedoms and liberty by resolving residents can drive on either side of the road — free to choose, free to lose? We need to be a community with common needs and interests to function effectively. Hopefully, your community.

Inhibiting masking and vaccines results in preventable deaths. Look at Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. It’s proven masks inhibit the transfer of COVID-19. Vaccines prevent the disease. Deeds have consequences. Are you sending your sham resolution to counties in these states? Maybe better to send them masks. The consequences are on each of you, here and there.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a Michississppi.

Noel Kurth

Grand Traverse County

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