Heal electoral wounds

The 2020 presidential election followed the procedures outlined in our Constitution, and every state certified the results as being fair and accurate. Republican lawsuits claiming fraudulent voting were rejected by over eighty judges, including Supreme Court justices, because they lacked supporting evidence. Rep. Jack Bergman and other Republican legislators signed a meritless Texas lawsuit alleging that election results in swing states should be overturned. The U.S. Supreme Court quickly rejected the effort. This Republican political charade isn’t based upon truth or the Constitution, and must end immediately.

Sadly, many Republican voters believe these false claims. All of us have family members and friends of differing political persuasions, yet the divisions apparent now are unlike any I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Democracy is based upon the principle that we choose our legislators through elections. Only autocracies try to change election results and install leaders they prefer. Bergman and legislators making false claims of fraud aren’t questioning their own election results, but instead are attempting to throw out only the presidential election. Overturning legitimate elections is dangerous and has destroyed other democracies. Politicians must put our country above their own political ambitions, healing these wounds and restoring faith in our democratic elections.

Elizabeth Kott

Traverse City

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