Put community interests first

Once again Grand Traverse County commissioners have advanced their own political agenda and stoked their egos at the expense of county residents. I suspect they are feeling puffed up and proud to think their subordinates have seemingly silenced Dr. Michael Collins, former medical director of the Health Department.

But here’s the thing: intelligence, integrity and truth ultimately prevail and bullies don’t win if we the voters don’t allow them to. Clearly the commission’s position to not renew Dr. Collins’ contract is an attempt to punish and silence him. County Administrator Nate Alger’s comment that the Health Department “is going in a different direction” is transparent and a cop out. I expect more from elected officials and community leaders.

Sadly, however, I am no longer dismayed at their lack of concern for members of this community. The county website states “the board envisions a community that preserves the beauty and healthy environment making GT County a desirable community in which to live where the safety of its community members is of the utmost concern and who focus on the well being of all it’s people.”

It’s beyond time for commissioners to demonstrate integrity and put the best interests of the community above their own.

Lisa Kolinski

Traverse City

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