Our no-win situation

The rhetoric of the current election has created a no-win situation. The public is fairly equally divided between the two major parties, with each side promoting the position that if the other side wins, it's the end of civilization as we know it.

There is a more important issue than who wins the next election: our behavior after the next election, regardless of who wins. If we continue operating so that whoever is elected cannot accomplish anything positive, then we all lose. We are in a position of showing exactly how a democracy can be destroyed. On the other hand, if we respond with peace and calm, determined to work together, we will show how democracy can be an excellent form of governing a large nation.

This country has serious issues to face in the near future. We will not make headway on any of those issues if we stay oppositional to each other. It is only by recognizing that our determination to be right makes working together for the common good impossible. Peace and serious effort to find middle ground are the only ways to a positive future.

Joseph B. Kelly

Traverse City 

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