See the fallacy in GT resolution

The Grand Traverse Board of Commissioners is once again making negative headlines with their recent vaccine resolution, which they are sending to every county in the country (why?). County commissioners are not trained medical professionals and shouldn’t be making policy on COVID-19 prevention measures. Regardless, they approved the resolution after they entertained inaccurate information about masks, the vaccine and mandates, yet did not provide an opportunity for experts in public health or epidemiology to dispel the misinformation.

Only one commissioner (Betsy Coffia) provided substantive input citing credible sources. Polls and vaccination rates show a majority of citizens support vaccinations and masking, yet it appears a vocal minority promulgating inaccurate information is driving policy in Grand Traverse County.

This resolution is dangerous, divisive and does little to prevent the spread of the virus and its delta variant. It will do more harm to residents and visitors of counties that choose to adopt it. Let’s hope that other county board of commissioners across the state and country see the fallacy of the resolution and stay in their own lane by focusing on matters that unite and improve our communities, such as affordable housing, feeding the poor, health care, safe roads and clean water.

Sue Jennings

Lake Ann

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