Saving and enhancing our downtown

One of the many good things about Traverse City is the involvement of its residents in its operation, its vision and its future. "Give people a voice in decisions that affect their lives" is a motto that continues to add value to our community. 

A recent "At Issue" view by Linda Koebert seems to take exception to that view. She clearly views citizen involvement, and lawsuits filed by citizens when the city violates its obligations, as bothersome. I disagree. 

"Save Our Downtown" was formed by a dedicated group of citizens who wanted to ensure the people of this community had a voice in how the city grew. It did not say buildings exceeding 60 feet could not be built in the future. It advocated having the residents vote on such planned projects.

The City Commission voted to put that issue on the ballot and it passed by a sizable majority. When a proposed building that exceeded 60 feet was put to a vote, it was soundly defeated — not by SOD but by the residents. 

Yes, a small group of people can make a difference. Let's hope we never lose that. 

T. Michael Jackson

Traverse City 

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