Grand Traverse County incompetence

Again, Grand Traverse County commissioners, with the exception of Ms. Betsy Coffia, brought disdain and embarrassment to our community. By denying the health care experts the ability to do their job unencumbered they showed their lack of responsibility.

Everyone has freedoms, and the elderly and at-risk people in our country should be protected from infection. Every reliable source of information from the medical community shows vaccines and masks save lives. The country breathed a sigh of relief when the polio vaccine was introduced. Then, before the ignorance spread on social media, virtually everyone eligible was vaccinated and polio was eradicated. Experts today say the COVID pandemic will also be conquered only when most of the world is vaccinated.

Board Chairman Rob Hentschel states the reason for this resolution was because he heard of two people who were hospitalized or died after receiving the vaccine. I suspect that came from social media and think the public deserves to see the evidence that the cause of death of those people was the vaccine.

To further this insanity and continue to make Grand Traverse County the laughing stock of the country, the board will send this amateurish and unprofessional work to every county in the country. Hopefully it will go to their “junk mail.”

T. Michael Jackson

Traverse City

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