Keep them on a leash

Last week I was stopped at an intersection in downtown Traverse City. When the walk symbol indicated it was safe to cross, a woman with her dog stepped into the crosswalk. When she called her dog, it quickly heeled next to her -- unleashed. I was struck by two emotions at that moment: Admiration that the dog was so well trained that she didn’t think it needed to be leashed, but then exasperation that the dog was not leashed.

It would be great if all dog owners had such well-trained pets, but if a squirrel or cat ran within the dog’s view, wouldn’t it be possible for the dog to bolt into traffic after it? Accidents happen. And many people are truly afraid of dogs. Passing an unleashed dog instills unneeded anxiety in them. For all of us who love dogs, please keep your dogs leashed in town.

Douglas Iseri

Traverse City

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