Pedestrian improvements absent

At the City Commission meeting on Dec. 13, MDOT officials mapped out the massive 2023 Grandview Parkway rebuilding from Division to Garfield in Traverse City. The plans are wider sidewalks, changes to TART, more lights and additional left-turn lanes at Division and Hall streets turning south, among other "improvements.” Little regard was given to pedestrian safety in winter, with no place for snow to go except on the sidewalks.

Murchie Bridge will be lifted and given more support (again), and the road configuration at Front Street and Grandview Parkway will be rebuilt to resemble a more traditional T intersection. In other words, more impervious surfaces, using tons of materials and resources to build and maintain. Stormwater runoff (oil, gas) will increase significantly and will need to be addressed.

More pavement, more traffic, more Grand Traverse Bay pollution. More problems to fix.

I have lived in Traverse City all of my 68 years, and except for the recent rebuilding of Eighth Street, have never seen a road "improvement" that helped traffic conditions.

When traffic is bad, consider other options: bicycling, walking, ride sharing, public transit. These lower impact travel options are what the city needs to improve access to.

John Ingwersen

Traverse City

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