Please have patience

The COVID-19 vaccines are Michigan’s best hope for ending the pandemic. District Health Department No. 10 has administered more than 22,000 vaccines throughout our 10-county jurisdiction. Progress is being made, although often not as fast as we would like.

Your local health partners are moving as quickly as possible to make vaccine available as allotment allows. We ask that you have patience with the process, and promise that anyone who wants the vaccine, will get one.

DHD No. 10 has waitlists for people 65 and older, Phase 1A health care workers and Phase 1B-Group B priority frontline workers. For these groups, visit to get on the waitlist. DHD No. 10 is also planning for Phase 1B-Group C essential workers and have created an interest survey for this group to help plan for vaccinating them next, as supply allows.

We all need to continue wearing masks properly, social distancing and hand washing to reduce the spread of COVID in our communities as the vaccine is being administered. Having patience with local health and each other will be vital for moving Michigan forward safely, as quickly as possible. We’ve come so far, and with this vaccine, we finally have hope on the horizon.

Kevin Hughes

Health officer

District Health Department No. 10


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