The Constitution matters

Those representatives and senators, who participated in the coup to overturn our election, pledged their allegiance to one man, Donald Trump, over their oath to the Constitution. This seditious act was an attempt to take away state rights, and the will of the people of the United States.

The Constitution was written to prevent our national government from deciding elections. This is found in Article IV and Amendments IX, X and XII. It is discouraging to know that Republicans would question state rights. It is the responsibility of the states to set up laws and implement those laws for any elections held within those states. Any disputes that might arise from an election can be contested in the courts of the states, not the Congress.

My representative, Jack Bergman, believed he had the power to change the election because he didn’t like the outcome. Citizens must protect states' rights regarding elections or there is no reason to go to the polls to vote, as the Congress will decide all our elections. It is important for northern Michigan to put forth candidates who believe in the Constitution and state rights, whether Democrat or Republican, because the Constitution comes before any one person.

Annie Hill


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