Redirect resources toward needs

The Dec. 27 Record-Eagle editorial lamented the fact that 2020 saw 13 homeless people die on the streets of our community. Many of us old timers remember when there was a place where the mentally ill, homeless and addicted got three meals a day, a warm place to stay and a variety of social activities.

That place was called the Traverse City State Hospital. It was staffed with caring doctors, nurses and other workers. Then in their infinite wisdom, clueless politicians, misguided do-gooders and others closed the facility — as if by closing the facility, the people in need of its help would go away. Well, they didn’t. They went to the streets.

Just a thought: Why not redirect a few million dollars from the next bridge study and renovate one of the existing buildings on the old state hospital property? Now that would really do some good for those needing housing.

Garwood Hansen

Traverse City

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