Pulpit hypocrisy

The recent sermon made by Father Mitchell Roman, a priest at St. Francis, during a mass, as reported by the Record-Eagle, is yet another example of “Pulpit Hypocrisy” by the Catholic Church. Roman, to a captive audience, took aim at segments of our society that must be recognized, protected and respected. In his forced apology, which was about as contrite as Donald Trump’s comments on Jan. 6, he stated the church is not disconnected from social and moral issues and the church must be the voice of significant moral issues at hand.

Really? Where is the voice of the church with regard to its centuries of protecting pedophile priests? The church’s “moral voice” on this issue is denial and telling the “Big Lie," using a page out of Trump’s playbook. The church’s concept of morality on the issue of protecting pedophile priests must be based on using a moral compass unique to the church. I applaud the Record-Eagle exercising its constitutionally protected right of a free press in reporting yet another example of the church’s hypocrisy and the church’s continued use of the pulpit to preach its distorted sense of morality.

Gregory Guggemos


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