Irony of ironies

The conduct of President Donald Trump and his thugs — to include Donald Jr., Eric and Giuliani — to attempt to prevent Congress from discharging its constitutional duties to confirm that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become president and vice president served to unite this country, preserve our republic and demonstrate to the world that democracy is the best form of government.

The right to a fair and lawful election remains inviolate. Congress’ certification of the votes of the Electoral College reinforced our Constitution’s respect for states’ rights and further solidified that federalism is one of the bedrocks of our constitutional form of government. The citizens of this great country are and should continue to be thankful and respectful of the tireless efforts of the press, investigative reporters and media outlets that provided all of us truthful facts as to what happened before, on and after Jan. 6.

Our country survived the heinous conduct of Trump and his fellow seditionists. With Trump soon to be no longer a clear and present danger to our country, our lawfully elected public servants can resume discharging their constitutionally mandated duties.

Gregory Guggemos


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