Irresponsible reporting 

The Feb. 13 article “St. Francis priest’s sermon ... draws backlash” is a prime example of responsible and balanced journalism versus irresponsible, agenda-driven journalism.

Which of the quotes from Father Mitch Roman's homily were so incendiary and offensive? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t bother to print any of them. Nor did you balance out the article with a comment from any active, mass-going parishioner.

This article is part of a disturbing national trend to paint religious conviction as hate speech and to “cancel” conservative thought out of social media and society at large.

The truth is that the Catholic church's teaching that marriage is a sacrament between one man and one woman is not headline-making news (it's millennia-old news), nor should it be news that a priest talked about it.

Sadly, all you have done is turn off so many people from the riches and beauty and truth of the Catholic faith. The church's teaching on marriage is hard to accept, and it causes much pain and confusion in families. If you really want to know what the Catholic church teaches from a compassionate standpoint, I recommend that you search “Father Mike Schmitz Love and Same Sex Attraction” on YouTube.

Lisa Gruber

St. Francis parishioner 

Traverse City

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