Sports betting has consequences

I have watched the proliferation of ads on TV in prime time encouraging people to sports bet. Today, I am seeing ads put out by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services saying that “Problem Gamblers have the highest suicide rate among all addictions." Has it occurred to anyone that the State of Michigan has allowed and encouraged the casinos to inundate people with their “free money” baiting; “first time people get $500” put in their online account and to start using their websites to gamble and “win” money?

This is all planned by the casinos in a timely fashion as our federal and state government rolls out stimulus money and unemployment benefits so people who are staying home are being encouraged to gamble and “win." The lockdown for some encourages them to literally ruin their life gambling for entertainment.

The governor and lawmakers are culpable and should be held accountable for their actions approving and allowing the State of Michigan to be a legal online sports betting state. This is a money grab for the state who sees it as a windfall for their struggling economy with no regard for the public or its consequences.

David Grimm

Rapid City

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