A lovely surprise

On Nov. 6 I entered a local family restaurant for a late breakfast. While waiting to be seated, I encountered a delightful young couple decked out from head to toe in maize and blue. They were on their way to Ann Arbor for the Michigan game. We had a nice chat while waiting to be seated and continued the conversation in the restaurant itself.

I’m a Michigan State University graduate and a Spartan fan, but usually wish Michigan well with the exception of one particular Saturday in October. They planned to drive to Ann Arbor, go to the game at 7:30 p.m., and then drive straight back to Traverse City. I would describe them as very dedicated Wolverine fans. I wished them well, and when I went to pay for my meal, I discovered they had “treated” me.

I was happy for them when Michigan won their game; I’m sure it made the long drive home easier. I didn’t have the opportunity to thank them in person, but in today’s world it’s appropriate to recognize that we are still capable of acts of kindness done without expectation of reward. I will pay it forward, and wish them well in every aspect of their lives.

Mary Frixen


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