It's a science experiment

It's called the FishPass folks and most of the City Commissioners are on board including the mayor who said recently "It's a done deal." I was there. I heard him while protesting with others over Traverse City's parkland destruction and removal of trees. "They'll be replaced," said the mayor. Replace full grown, mature trees? With what? And the Downtown Development Authority favors it. And they run our city.

This is our parkland within our city limits. A parkland that will be destroyed for a science experiment, and no one knows if it will work. A $19.3 million science experiment that we have a right to vote on under the City Charter. (See Sec 126 and Sec 128) Were we ever given that option? No.

It was decided for us. Why is the city afraid to let us vote? Two words: Tourism. Fear.

Fear that we might reject it. Remove tons of earth and pound iron pilings into the banks and remove a lot of trees for a science experiment and tourism?

It's also being billed as a place for families to gather. I can't wait to see the bid for the Ferris wheel.

Tom Emmott

Traverse City

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