Next time we vote

My wife and I number ourselves among the many residents of Antrim County who strongly oppose the RV park, which was improperly allowed to proceed toward construction near Torch River Bridge. We have given reasons in a previous letter to the Milton Township Board and as very similar reasons have been expressed in letters written by several others on multiple occasions, we believe they are well-known by all who have awakened to this serious matter.

The lakes — Torch, Skegemog and Elk — are under pressure in terms of water quality, public safety and beauty. It was negligent of the township council to have allowed construction to begin on the project without proper study and public consideration. Since the building of the park began to be contested, we have been alarmed by the apparent immunity enjoyed by the developers from proper constraint and oversight.

We want very much that the RV park be stopped. If it is not stopped, we hope that the many for whom the lakes are central to livelihoods and joy in living will remember what happened when it next comes time to vote.

Sara and Fred Ellis

Rapid City

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