Not representing Michiganders

Just before Christmas state Rep. Jack O’Malley took up some coal and scribbled a letter to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer telling her to drop her effort to revoke Michigan's Line 5 easement with Enbridge, a Canadian corporation.

O’Malley chose loyalty to a foreign corporation over potentially millions of Michiganders who would be devastated by an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac. Siding with a 68-year-old export-oil pipeline against Michigan businesses and landowners is more than weird.

He gets a lot wrong for a guy who is supposed to know something before he says something. He says shutting Line 5 will deprive 300,000 “Yooper” families of heat. Factually, the entire population here in the U.P. is just over 300,000 and only 22 percent get heat from propane. I’m one of them, and I’m not worried.

O’Malley should have read the UP Task Force report. It identified alternative propane suppliers, and at little new cost. He would learn more if he read the 34-page Enbridge easement revocation, and why Whitmer did what she needed to do.

Who is he really representing?

Patrick Egan


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