Priests draw partisan line

The same day Father Mitch Roman attacked President Joe Biden and the LGBTQ community I received a bulletin from Faithful America (an inter-denominational Christian social justice community in Connecticut): “The U.S. Catholic bishops rarely ever criticized Donald Trump — yet it's less than three weeks into the new administration, and they are already drawing a partisan line in the sand against President Biden over LGBTQ rights.

“Lansing, MI, Bishop Earl Boyea has fired one of the first shots, issuing a new 'Policy on the Human Body' that requires Catholic schools and agencies to treat transgender students and clients according to their 'biological sex.' Teachers must call students by their incorrect pronouns, and individuals may be forced to use the wrong bathroom.”

I'm proud of how our community and mayor react to the immoral message of the bishop and Fr. Roman, who show ignorance of transgender persons and cruel humiliation to transgender children, of which there are many in northern Michigan. Having worked with some of them, I know they are fragile and need positive support from adults and teachers. Please tell the bishop your feelings. As a retired Christian pastor, I'm outraged any church would punish children for being who they are and struggle to be.

Ned Edwards


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