Stop the damage

Does the bulk of the Republican Party ever stop to think of the damage they are doing to our democratic process by falling in line with President Donald Trump's assertion that he has won the election due to mass voter fraud? This lie has been debunked on every major network including Fox News (with the exception of their "opinion people").

When Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, in spite of winning the popular vote, she graciously conceded. Narrow margins of victory did not result in hundreds of legal challenges that delayed the Trump administration from getting off to a fresh start. Some of us remember how candidate Donald Trump in 2016 was sure the election was "rigged" and full of fraudulent votes — until of course, he won.

One of President-elect Joe Biden's overarching themes during the election was to bring the country back together — something this president never sought to do. Biden views us as "opponents, not enemies." We must seek compromise and solutions to many real issues facing our nation like COVID, health care and climate change. Why can't many Republicans see the opportunity that Biden presents to healing the nation?

P.S. You know he's not a socialist.

John Edwards

Suttons Bay

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