Lead with integrity

Republicans need to figure out which way to go — with the integrity of men like Mitt Romney or with the Trump faction that refused to accept the "facts" of the recent election. Men like Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and our representatives Jack Bergman and Jack O'Malley should be hanging their heads in shame. Intelligent men — they knew better. As Mitt Romney says, these men are complicit in the insurrection and that will be their shameful historical legacy.

For four years, Trump Republicans have chanted "fake news," embraced conspiracy theories, labelled legitimate media outlets as "enemies of the people" and vilified or fired those that disagreed with their "alternative facts." Decent Republicans have been humiliated and lost their reputations for speaking out against them. Sadly, Fox News pundits like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, the outlet of choice for Republicans, have embraced Trump and his lies, providing air time to conspiracists while ignoring the growing cancer of Trump's outrageous "election fraud" claims.

Disgraced, Trump and his minions may open their own toxic news outlet, fermenting more insurrection with their alternative realities. For the sake of our nation, these people need to be marginalized from the mainstream of civic life.

John Edwards

Suttons Bay

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