Cars and guns

The Sept. 6 Record-Eagle has a letter written by Mr. Fred Stoye, who says that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

I’m a passionate car guy, so Mr. Stoye’s extremely logical argument interests me. Think of the implications! As drivers, we could say the same thing about cars. Let’s fight off any limitation of our right to drive whatever we want, whenever we want. Let’s all shout “cars don’t kill people, people kill people.” We’ll resist the government goons who inevitably would come in the middle of the night to confiscate our sport utility vehicles, our convertibles, our minivans.

But wait, I just discovered there are already legions of laws, regulations and standards on auto safety. How did this happen? OK, they snuck that by me, but I suppose I could look at it as a sort of an experiment. Maybe I could learn something from this thicket of government intervention …

Look, I found this on the internet! Somebody’s already doing research. It looks like maybe regulating cars saves lives.

But wait, cars don’t kill people...

Look up NHTSA crash statistics at

John DeSpelder

Traverse City

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