Support our teachers

With these crazy times I feel that as a parent of Traverse City Area Public Schools children, our teachers need praise for all the hard work they have been putting in.

I have lived in Blair Township my whole life. I went to Blair Elementary and now all three of my kids go there. I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else. The principal, teachers, support staff and faculty are all amazing and have really helped and supported my kids. They do what's necessary to make a fun safe and productive learning environment for our kids.

Mrs. Morgan, Ms. Engle, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Hohfeldt, Mrs. Seguin, Mrs. Stegmeyer, Mrs. Agley, and I'm sure I'm missing others who directly affected my kids. I appreciate everything you do, and keep doing a great job for not just my kids but all the Blair Bobcat families.

Bobcat pride!

Cory Dean Jr.


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