You lost, get over it!

(Re: letter to the editor, June 26)

Hey Linda Pepper, the election is over and Ron and the citizens of District 5 won! Did you learn your post-election behavior from CNN and MSNBC, or just pull it from the democratic socialist handbook? Whatever happened to losing with grace?

County Commissioner Ron Clous has done a fine job representing District 5. Ron is a leader with a commonsense approach. His votes on the commission reflect small government, strong conservative values and he has always been the first one to point out government waste. Ron Clous is aligned squarely with the vast majority of the citizens of our district.

It’s a shame the Democrat loser from the last election — yeah, Linda, that’s you — is publicly attacking our commissioner with twisted accusations and other non-issues. Linda, you can keep trying to malign Ron, but you’re just making yourself out to be another Democrat loser.

Tom Davis


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