An affront to democracy

The presidential election was last month. More than 158 million people cast votes. The Biden/Harris ticket won. President Donald Trump has now filed more than 50 lawsuits to overturn the election. Many have been thrown out or denied by state and federal courts adjudicated by both Republican- and Democrat-appointed judges. No evidence of widespread election fraud has been exposed.

A suit filed at the Supreme Court by the Texas attorney general, and joined by others, asked to overturn the results in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. They say those states didn’t run their elections properly. This ignores the fact that the federal government grants the right to each state to set its election rules. Texas cannot tell Michigan how to run its elections.

This suit, encouraged by the defeated president, sought Republican support and several Michigan legislators signed on. Both my Michigan and U.S. Representatives, Jack O’Malley and Jack Bergman, did so. I am ashamed to be represented by two individuals who show such disregard for the will of the people. The greatest right granted by the Constitution is the peoples’ right to choose their leaders. They have done so and arguing otherwise is an affront to democracy.

William Crawford


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