Pinched in the housing bubble

Standing in line at an open house last weekend, we felt a little out of place. We were one of only two young couples there, the only ones with a newborn, standing in a long line to see a home we were very interested in buying. The couple behind us were unwilling to engage in friendly conversation with the neighbor from across the street who was handing out his business card as a local banker. They were from downstate, looking to retire in Traverse City.

It seems increasingly difficult to find a home to raise our family here in town. The same town where we were so lucky to have grown up and where we went to school.

The house went for $50,000 over asking price.

We are a family that supports the TART trail system. A family that votes to support local school systems. A family that shops local and supports small businesses year round.

We’ll keep looking. I’ve worked hard for a leadership position at Hagerty. My wife is a consultant for women-owned business owners while helping keep the books at her father’s landscaping company up the road off of M-72. We have a lot to offer and sorry it wasn't enough this time.

Sam Coughenour

Traverse City

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