What kind of example is this?

I'd like to think that the public statements made by my state representative would provide a good example to young people and not be blatantly offensive to women, but the Oct. 7 post on Jack O'Malley's Facebook page proves me wrong. In support of the president's recommendation that we not let COVID-19 rule our lives, O'Malley offers his interpretation: "He didn't say french kiss and lick your doorknob." Perhaps amusing when delivered from a barstool, but not from an official public platform.

Words describing our governor were also concerning. She's "strutting" about the Capitol. She's "slashing, banging and booming." She's acting like "the saint on the hill, Joan of Arc." O'Malley puts the phrase "even if we have to drag her kicking and screaming" out there as well. He uses a high mocking voice to paraphrase her statements.

I thank Rep. O'Malley for condemning the actions of those who were planning to harm the governor. I am dismayed that he cannot see the small step it takes to go from his invective to inciting violence.

Nancy Cotcamp


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