Questions for Bergman

I have three questions for Jack Bergman:

1. Should we teach our children if they lose a game, it’s okay to call the other team names and encourage people to attack them?

2. Should we teach our children that it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal as long as they have friends who think it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal?

3. Do you think your job as representative is to play to the misinformed so you can get reelected or to stand for truth and provide honest leadership for the good of all?

Your recent support for challenging a democratic and fair election certified by all 50 states indicates you would say "yes" to questions one and two, while answering to question three that getting reelected is the only thing on your agenda. I hope you will choose to be a role model which encourages good sportsmanship, integrity and honest leadership while representing all of your constituents — not just some.

Dawn Chalker

Traverse City

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