Line 5 understood

Anti-Line 5 opponents are predicting gloom and doom for the “Line 5” Straits tunnel, choosing to ignore the 1.8 kilometer railroad tunnel between Sarnia and Port Huron under the St. Clair River and the 2.6 kilometer railroad tunnel between Detroit and Windsor under the Detroit River.

Completely off their radar scope is Line 5, lying on the bed of the St. Clair River, was replaced using horizontal drilling completed on July 30, 2020, without incident, and is now operational.

The region depends on Line 5 as a critical source of propane and crude oil meeting more than half the state’s propane needs, including approximately 65 percent of the propane used in the Upper Peninsula and northern Michigan, for which no viable alternatives exist.

The real objective of the anti “Line 5” is to eliminate the Enbridge pipeline through Michigan. That objective can be pursued while the tunnel is constructed and the hazard eliminated.

Any accident that’s effects the existing “Line 5” lying on the bed of the Straits, which results in a disastrous effect on the Great Lakes, will be on the hands of the proponents blocking construction of the tunnel, including embattled Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Salvatore Castronovo

Elk Rapids

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