The turncoat problem

“Biden Build Back Better” bill, what a fiasco. Thirteen Republicans compromised principle and voted for the bill. Five Democrats maintained their principles and voted against the bill.

Why did these 13 “turncoats” break ranks and vote for “Biden’s Build Back Better” bill? Plain and simple, these “turncoats” voted for the “pork” Biden promised them that their districts would receive as a result of the bill’s passage. Plain and simple, these “turncoats” were bought off by “Good Old Fashion Pork Barrel Politics.”

These “turncoats” should be censured by their fellow Republicans for breaking ranks and siding with President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. They should be removed from any committee assignments.

What will this “Biden Build Back Better” bill accomplish? First, it will cause shortages and raise the prices of construction products such as wood, steel, cement and aggregate. Wood prices recently had backed off from the increases caused by the housing boom. Those price reductions are not long for this world. The result will be runaway inflation caused by material and skilled labor shortages. Hang on for the inflation ride of your lifetime. Thanks to Republican “turncoats.”

Salvatore Castronovo

Elk Rapids

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