Bear deserved better

Now we know. DNR means Do Not Resuscitate.

Yes, the Traverse City bear was a wild animal. He was following his feral instincts — his own natural bear behavior — and was in a place where he didn’t belong, though he called it home.

Rescue organizations across the United States work with transport groups, volunteers and rescue entities in other states and countries to rescue and relocate animals both domestic and wild. Our humane societies in northern Michigan have animals from other cities and states. Mostly tame; on occasion, wild.

The (Michigan) DNR relocated him once. Once? That’s the definition of ineffective relocation? You couldn’t put forth a little more effort and relocate him again? Did I miss the news story that said he was going to be euthanized if he couldn’t be relocated once? Why the secrecy? Did you ask the public for (volunteer) help to find him a home? At last count, there are 50 states. You couldn’t find one city in one state? A game reserve or zoo? Another country?

Was anyone with the bear when he was put to sleep? Did anyone comfort him? Did you look in his eyes? What did you see? What did he see?

He didn’t even get a proper burial. He was cut up and disposed of.

Now we know. DNR. He deserved better.

Terry Carrithers

Old Mission Peninsula

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